New Motors Catalog "Premium Line"

New catalog TX Premium line

Electric Asynchronous Three-phase Standard and Brake Motors

We are pleased to inform you that on our website in Download section you will find our new motors catalogue (direct link here)

The new TX catalogue brings Rossi asynchronous motors inline with IEC 60034-30 standards (see additional information below),principally extending the IE3 efficiency class motor range and now starts and includes 0,75 kW motors

Rossi continues to focus on improving is products inline with the latest legislation and to be the preferred supply chain partner for geared motor and electric motor customers

From January, 2017 it will not be possible to distribute across the European market motors that do not conform to the new legislation.
In principle this affects efficiency Class IE2 in S1 duty for powers from 0,75 kW up to 5,5 kW; for higher motor powers the IE3 legislation already applies.



Abstract from the IEC 60034-30 Standard

IEC 60034-30 standard is for asynchronous 3-phase motors with cage rotor, single speed only, 50 and 60 Hz which:

  • have nominal voltage UN up to 1000V
  • have a nominal power PN between 0.75 and 375 kW
  • have 2, 4 and 6 poles
  • are classified with S1 duty (continuous duty) or S3 (intermittent periodical duty) with an intermittent factor ≥ 80%
  • are in network


exceptions to this standard include:

  • Brake motors
  • 8 poles motors
  • Cycles with Intermittent duty <80%
  • Cycles with environment air temperature > 60°.


The standard establishes the new international efficiency classes for asynchronous 3-phase motors in:

  • IE2 = HIGH EFF